Nov 12th, 2015 by Tim Morey

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People who study these things tell us that far and away the best way to help un- and de-churched people become disciples of Jesus is by starting new churches. This has been part of Life’s core mission since its inception, and in 2016 we are looking forward to planting church our 22nd church, in Lakewood with the Grote family. »»

Nov 5th, 2015 by Tim Morey

for each other

Much of our current teaching series centers on personal prayer – our relationship with God and the requests, gratitudes, laments and complaints, questions, etc that flow out of that relationship.

But there is another aspect of prayer in the background that I want to be sure we are remembering as well – prayer for one another. Repeatedly the Scriptures model and teach us that prayer on behalf of others is also part of how we grow with God, and with each other. »»


Honest to God: Prayers We All Need – Ep 6 – Where Are You?

Honest to God: Prayers We All Need – Ep 6 – Where Are You?

This week, from the November 8th Sunday service, we are back in Honest to God, and the prayer of the week is Where Are You. The primary text is Romans 8:26-27.

Many of us have experienced a time or a season where it felt as if God was absent, or shrouded by a thick fog.  Spiritual dryness, this is often called, or when especially pronounced, this sense of absence has been called the prayer of desolation or the dark night of the soul.  What do we do when we are in this place?  When we are crying out and it seems no one is there?  In sum, our text tells us that we are covered.  Even when we no longer know what to do or say, the Spirit continues praying for us.

Untouchable – Ep 2: The Untouchable Trifecta

Untouchable – Ep 2: The Untouchable Trifecta

Continuing the Untouchable series on August 30th, Tim takes us through Luke 8:26-56.  Here Luke puts three stories back to back that make up what we could think of as the Untouchable Trifecta: Jesus interacts with a demonized Gentile pig herder, a woman who can’t stop bleeding, and a corpse.  These encounters bring together some of the most defiling things in Jewish faith, and Jesus uses them to show a new understanding of what is touchable and what is not – the impure doesn’t defile the holy, but the holy can purify the impure.


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