Nov 19th, 2014 by Tim Morey

what does it mean to belong to a church?

What does it mean to belong to a church, and why does it matter? In my own journey, at one point I don’t think I knew what it meant. But this last decade, living more closely connected to a church than I ever have before, I’ve come to find it means more than I ever realized (and I feel like there is much more meaning I’m yet to discover). »»

Nov 6th, 2014 by Tim Morey

spinach in the teeth

If you asked 100 people on the street what Christians regarded as the worst sin, what would they say? (In my experience, their answer usually has something to do with sex.) What if you asked about what the greatest virtue in the Christian life is? »»


Secret of success: Making Life work 7

Secret of success: Making Life work 7

This week Pastor Tim explores one of Proverbs’ biggest core issues: self-discipline. There is no such thing as a “silver bullet” for success (however we might define that), but in Proverbs it seems the nearest thing would be the quality of self-discipline. The person who develops self-discipline finds success in work, financial management, health, and family. He discusses how we might cultivate this quality.

Humility: Making Life work 6 (Prov 11:2)

Humility: Making Life work 6 (Prov 11:2)

This week Pastor Tim is back in Proverbs looking at what St Augustine and others considered the “base” virtue upon which all others are built: humility. The writer of Proverbs would add that humility is foundational for acquiring wisdom as well. Pastor Tim looks at the different ways humility manifests itself in Proverbs, and also examines Jesus’ example and desire for his church in Phil 2:1-8.


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