At Life Covenant Church, worship is a key element of our identity in Christ.  We sing songs and play music together as a response to what Christ is doing in our lives.  We also worship together as a sign of our love for one another.  Worship is a practice that gives words to our heart’s expressions.  A Biblical inspiration for us regarding worship comes from the words of Jesus:  John 4:24: God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.”  We invite all to come and worship Jesus with us.  Come as you are.

The Worship Team is currently looking for new musicians.  Please contact Adam Bettino at adam.bettino[at] to inquire.



We seek to partner with families to help kids become fully-developed followers of Christ through personal example, Biblical teaching, global outreach and having fun.


Our Meeting Time:

Sunday – KidLife meets every Sunday (except for Family Worship Weekend) at 10 am. KidLife is a fun and safe place for kids from birth through 5th grade to dig in and learn about God. We have 5 class rooms: Babies (for birth through walking), Toddlers (walking through 3 years), Preschool, Early Elementary (Grades K-1), & Elementary (Grades 2-5). Each class room has two trained and background checked adults all teaching the same simple Bible point. We hope to help kids not just know about God, but really know God.



For questions or more information, contact Cameron Coulter, the Children’s & Youth Pastor, at

KidLife[at]  or  (760) 831-0383.



We seek to connect students (in 6th-12th grade): to God helping them understand their identity and relationship to Christ; to other Christians both peers and adults who can encourage and support them; to themselves facilitating integrity and authenticity in their Christian discipleship; and to the world helping them serve others with selfless hearts.


Our Values:

BIBLICAL (Up) – The Bible is our authority for life and worship. It is the inspired Word of God and guides us as we seek to be more like Him.

WORSHIP (Up) – Worship is way of life. We thank and praise the LORD in Spirit and in Truth, and invite students to do the same.

DISCIPLESHIP (In) – Discipleship is an important life-long process to be more like Christ. We lead students into this process with guidance, encouragement, wisdom & grace.

AUTHENTICITY (In) – Authenticity and integrity are crucial in discipleship. We create a safe place for students to comfortably, honestly, and openly talk about their lives.

SERVANTHOOD (Out) – Servanthood is an attitude of Jesus which puts others first. We seek to instill this attitude in students, providing opportunities for them to serve and share God’s love with others.

COMMUNITY (Together) – Community is a necessity in the Christian life. We unify students and teach them to live life together by leaning on and supporting each other.


Our Meeting Times:

Sunday – StudentLife meets twice a month on Sunday mornings at 10 am. The first Sunday of the month we meet with the junior high and high school students. The second Sunday of the month we meet with just the junior high students. After singing songs of praise with the church, we break off and have an age appropriate lesson which connects the students lives with the Bible.

Wednesday – Beginning Wednesday, Sept 28th, StudentLife Mid-Week happens each Wednesday night from 6:15-7:45 pm. We first enjoy food and games with each other. Then we study the Bible seeing how it’s relevant for us today. Finally, we break off into small groups based on gender and discuss the lesson and our lives.



For questions or more information, contact Cameron Coulter, the Children’s & Youth Pastor, at

Cameron[at] or (760) 831-0383.

The Global Ministries Team at Life Covenant Church is committed to serving God and joining in his work in the African country of Mozambique. We are dedicated to loving the poor and the orphaned, by striving to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of the local Mozambicans. We currently have two orphanages that house approximately 25 children. These facilities serve as community centers and provide food, clothing, and medical needs to those in the nearby communities. We are also witnessing a church-planting explosion as the gospel is moving rapidly through Mozambique. A network of more than 21 Life Covenant churches have sprouted, with more than 40 others looking to join our family of believers on the other side of the globe.


We are a nonprofit ministry focused on caring for orphans, widows, men, women and children at risk in the country of Mozambique, Africa.  Within this website you will discover who we are, what we do, and how you can become a part of what God is doing in Mozambique!

Help support The Melanie Center and Life Covenant Church Mozambique with a $30 a month donation. Contact Dallas Taft dmtaft[at],  Will Funk williamdfunk[at], or Tony Gervase tgervase[at] or visit: for more information.

Family Promise of the South Bay


Family Promise of the South Bay is an interfaith network of local congregations working together to support homeless families as they seek employment and housing.  Life Covenant Church is part of the network and will be hosting families for one week each quarter.

2016 Hosting Dates:

Life Covenant is hosting October 23rd – 30th.

To volunteer during any part of our host week, check out the sign up list.

Volunteer Opportunities Include:

  • Guest Room Setup (8 people)
    • Assist guests in setting up air mattresses/tents/living areas and making Life feel like home. To be done between 12-2pm on Sunday.
  • Meal Provider(s)
    • Provide fully cooked meal for up to 14 guests. Serve at 6:30pm. May also be an Evening Host.
  • Overnight Hosts (1 male/1 female)
    • We require one male and one female to stay overnight at Life Covenant from 8pm to 8am. The hosts are available for any overnight issues and responsible for locking up the church in the morning. (Families are welcome to serve together)
  • Evening Host (2 people)
    • Provide hospitality, help children with homework, etc.
  • Guest Room Tear Down (8 people)
    • Assist guests in disassembling living areas and arrange the chairs prior to Life Covenant’s service.
    • Thoroughly clean and set up classrooms to be ready for KidLife.
  • Breakfast/Lunch Providers
    • The guests will prepare their own sack lunches and will take simple breakfast to go in the mornings. We are able to provide healthy items for the guests to enjoy throughout the week. See the sign up list to choose which items you would like to provide.

Additional Volunteer Opportunities (coordinated with the Network Director):

  • Laundry
    • Wash the linens on Sundays prior to the next congregation’s hosting begins. Deliver to the Day Center or the next host congregation.
  • Special Skills/Expertise
    • Many members of congregations may have skills or expertise to offer to guests, such as support with resumes, tutoring for children, etc. Offering these skills should be coordinated with the Network Director as part of the larger case management of the guests.

For more information about volunteering and Life’s commitment to the network, talk to Volunteer
Coordinators: Gwen Lo: gwenlo77[at] or Courtney D’Amicocourtney.a.damico[at]

For more information about Family Promise of the South Bay, visit


Neighbor to Neighbor (aka Homeless Dinners)

We are part of a team of local churches and temples, that comprise the “Neighbor to Neighbor” program. This program provides free meals to those who are in a financial hardship or homeless. The program is hosted weekly by a local church that provides a “hot” dinner for those in need.

Life Covenant serves on the 2nd Thursday of odd numbered months, and have numerous volunteering opportunities to can bring or donate food items, prepare the meal, serve the meal, wash and dry dishes, or even just dine and talk with the guests.


2761 190th Street, Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Want to get involved or have any questions? Please contact[at]


HospitalityFacilitating connection over food on Sundays, in homes, and when people have needs.

Contact Deanne Funk deannefunk[at]

Prayer Word Concepts Isolated on Background


Prayer is our Lifeline!  We are available to pray with and for anyone on Sunday mornings, and will take requests via email at any time.
Contact Christa Hui at christa[at]

The Life Covenant Church library is now open. You can find the catalog of all our currently available books here:

The library will operate on the honor system. Simply sign out the books you are borrowing with your name, the name of the book, and your phone number. When you return the book, cross out that entry.