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KidLife - Children's Ministry

We seek to partner with families to help kids become fully-developed followers of Christ through personal example, Biblical teaching, global outreach and having fun.

Student Life - Youth Ministry

We seek to connect students (in 6th-12th grade): to God helping them understand their identity and relationship to Christ; to other Christians both peers and adults who can encourage and support them; to themselves facilitating integrity and authenticity in their Christian discipleship; and to the world helping them serve others with selfless hearts.

Join a Small Group

There has never been a more critical time to be connected to others in fellowship, prayer, and growth. Our groups are meeting virtually throughout the week, and are an invaluable way to resourcing and supporting each other during this time.

Global - Life For Moz

Our Global Ministry Team has made a long term commitment to caring for the poor in the country of Mozambique, Africa.  Central to our approach is offering our friends in Mozambique the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty with dignity.

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