For those who are more comfortable worshiping online, the livestream is with us to stay, so please feel no pressure to be there in person if you are not ready for that. For those who are able to come on a Sunday, here is what you can expect:


  • Seating will be limited to 25% of our occupancy in order to accommodate social distancing.

  • This means all worshipers will need to sign up in advance to attend. You can do so by clicking here.

  • When you arrive and check in, you will be asked a few basic health screening questions. Those who would like to receive communion will receive an individual pre-packaged communion cup, along with a bulletin.

  • Masks will be required at all times for everyone age 2 and older, and we will have extras if you forget yours at home.

  • Only those vocalists leading worship and anyone speaking at the microphone will be unmasked. Our vocalists are fully vaccinated, but for the next few weeks they will be taking a COVID test prior to Sunday as well.

  • We are using fans as well as our HVAC system to increase ventilation in the sanctuary.

  • There are stations throughout the church with hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes in all the bathrooms.

  • We won’t be offering any food or drink on site, and for those wanting to fellowship after worship, please do so in the parking lot rather than in the café.

  • For the first few weeks we won’t have any separate KidLife classes, but children are more than welcome in the sanctuary!


Thanks to everyone for being flexible as we try to regather as responsibly as possible!