We seek to connect students (in 6th-12th grade): to God helping them understand their identity and relationship to Christ; to other Christians both peers and adults who can encourage and support them; to themselves facilitating integrity and authenticity in their Christian discipleship; and to the world helping them serve others with selfless hearts.


During The COVID-19 Quarantine – During the COVID-19 quarantine, we are taking a break from physically meeting together. But that doesn’t mean that we’re going to sit back & do nothing. Here is a weekly schedule:


SUNDAY – 10am – Watch the live stream of the service. We encourage all of our students to join the rest of the church in watching the live stream of the service. Also, prior to Sunday, I will be emailing Student Life families to provide them with a discussion questions for after the service, & possibly a funtivity (like an object lesson, craft or game) that your family can do during the week to reinforce Sunday's sermon.

MONDAY – 3-4pm - Zoom check in with all students. Using the video conferencing app Zoom, I am making myself available to all students on Monday afternoon. This check-in is to give the students an opportunity to meet up, talk about Sunday's sermon, and/or ask me questions. Think of this like a college professor's office hours mixed with mingling after a Sunday service. This is low key & informal, so while I would love to have everyone log in, if your student is unable to join us, that will be fine. Contact me for the meeting link.


WEDNESDAY – 6:15-7:45pm – Virtual Student Life. This will be our regular Midweek meeting, except virtually through the video conferencing app Zoom. We will play games (as best as we can), have a short time of devotional, & have a time of discussion. 


THURSDAY – 3-4pm – Zoom check in with Jr high students (Grades 6-8). 4-5pm – Zoom check in with high school students (Grades 9-12). This will be like the Monday Zoom Check In Time, but just a different opportunity. This is also an opportunity for the Jr high students & the high school students to have their own space for discussion & hangout. 


Home Room (Sundays) – Student Life Home Room is twice a month on Sunday mornings at 10 am. Students (6th - 12th grade) are welcome to join us at Life Covenant church for singing worship, then break off for continued worship in Bible Study with their own age appropriate look at the Christian life.  


Assembly (Sundays) – Student Life Assembly is 2-3 times a month on Sunday mornings at 10 am. Student Life Assembly shows our youth that they are a valued part of Life Covenant Church. Students assemble together with our adults during our Sunday morning services. Students can either assemble in the main adult worship service with their families or assemble within a ministry (like KidLife) to serve. 


Midweek (Wednesday) - Students (6th - 12th grade) are welcome to join us at Life Covenant Church on

Wednesday evenings from 6-8 pm. We’ll have fun, play games, a Biblically based large group teaching time, and small group discussion and/or journal time.


Squad Goals (Wednesday) – Squad Goals are Wednesdays when we will still be meeting, but the meeting time

will be different or the feel of the night will be different than regular Midweek. Each Squad Goals has a theme which serves to focus the time. There is usually one Squad Goals per month.


Events (Various) – Each month we have some sort of an event. These events are mostly to build unity & community among the students. There are also some events that develop & deepen students’ faith. Pick up a calendar or contact Cameron for more details.




 For questions or more information, contact Cameron Coulter, the Children’s & Youth Pastor, at Cameron@life-covenant.com or (760) 831-0383.